Castle to Castle Swim 2019

Well this was my first Castle to Castle Swim, and a massive thank you to everyone for all the generous donations and kind words. It was a wonderful day, beautiful weather, calm conditions, lots of lovely people, a great atmosphere and a well organised event by the RNLI. The support...

Envy Controls

Business logo and branding for a new venture based in Cornwall. The company specialises in control systems within the household and business to monitor and control the heating, media centres, blinds, alarms, etc..

Chemical free weed removal leaflet

Ben Daddow Contracting offer an alternative to moss and weed removal, using a chemical free brush, sweeper and hot foam system. Safe to use around people, animals, water & sensitive areas, the Hot Water & Foam System is outstanding at sanitising play equipment, street furniture, chewing gum & graffiti removal....

Surfers Ear Poster

If you swim or surf you may have heard of exostosis, which is also known as surfer's ear. With continued exposure to cold wind and water, exostosis will get worse. If the swellings narrow your ear canal too much, wax and water can get trapped in the ear, which can...

Black & White Artwork

Finding an old coloured illustration provided Sands Resort with an ideal colouring-in project for the children. The original printed artwork was scanned, then retouched, all colour removed and finally digitised as a PDF for in-house printing.