Artwork Guidelines

All photographs / images

This specification sheet has been provided for you to correctly supply images, logos and copy.

Keeping to these parameters will enable us to deliver a high quality product efficiently without delaying the design or print process. Please read the information carefully.

When supplying photographs or transparencies for print purposes, please ensure they are not damaged in any way.
Do not use staples or paper clips to attach them to compliments slips, letterheads etc., as this causes holes and scratches in the image area, this in then very costly to repair.
No stickers should be attached to the photographs except, if necessary, on the back.
Please do not write on the back of photographs, as the impression made is very noticeable after scanning.
The brightness of colour, sharpness etc. of the photographs or transparencies supplied will determine the eventual print quality.
When supplying photographs or disks by post please ensure the items are well protected.

Digital photographs

When supplying digital photographs for print the resolution should be 300 dpi in a .TIF or .JPG (JPEG) format.
Please remember that the size of the image supplied ie.
10cm x 10cm at 300dpi, determines that it can only be printed at that size or smaller. If that image was enlarged to 20cm x 20cm, the resolution would decrease (by half) to 150 dpi, which would not then be of a sufficient print quality.
Therefore, if photographs are to be used very large, ie. for a full page or front cover, the image area would need to be the printed size at 300 dpi.
The image resolution of a digital picture can be increased by increments of 10%, but this will result in loss of image quality.
Many digital photographs are supplied at 72 dpi. This is fine for web/internet use, but not for print purposes.

Company logos

Logos are often used in the literature we produce.
The preferred format is an Illustrator EPS or AI. These files can be enlarged to any size without losing any quality. Any special colours, ie: Pantone etc., within the logo must be specified.
If supplied as a .JPG (JPEG) or .TIF please ensure that the resolution is 300 dpi at the image size to be used; if in doubt as to the printed size please supply larger than necessary.
.GIF files are only acceptable for web/internet work and are not of the quality/resolution required for print.

Electronic transfer of digital files

Digital files, whether logos or photographs, should be supplied in .TIF, .JPG or .EPS format.
If supplying via email, our preference is for .JPG’s and .TIF’s for photographs and .EPS/.JPG format for logos.
Any image over 15MB, we recommend you use FREE online data transfer called wetransfer or burn to a CD and post direct to:
BGraphic, Kenmar, Park Bottom, Illogan, Redruth, Cornwall TR15 3XJ

Copy / Text

All copy/text can be sent as a direct email or as an email with an attachment. The preferred method of copy or text would be saved as .RTF or .TXT.
Any Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign files are acceptable.