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Large or small, startup or established, commercial or non-profit, a successful rebranding project should deliver significant benefits.

A rebrand doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul of the whole company image, it should be driven by the needs for a rebrand.

A rebrand could be as simple as developing a new strapline for the business, or it could be a revamp of the logo, keeping some familiar styling that customers associate with the brand.

It may be a larger project involving a change of name, logo and involving all marketing material online and offline. The key is to plan, research and consider a number of factors including at the very least what will your customers think of a rebrand, the benefits of rebranding can be pretty considerable if carried out with diligence and care.

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10 benefits of rebranding

1. A merger or take-over of a company

This could mean a new name, a new logo, and a re-evaluation of all brand materials. This is where the benefits of using a design studio are important – they can help you manage the whole project.

2. A period of considerable growth

Not just financial growth; expansion into new markets may mean your business may outgrow its current branding and therefore be missing opportunities to connect with new markets.

3. Moving with the times

Your current branding may have become outdated and not reflect your business as it is now. It may be that when you started the business, finances were tight so a logo was produced cheaply and quickly to “make do” but now it just doesn’t suit your business or allow your business room to grow.

4. A change in company strategy

Target audiences, positioning and market share can all change during a product or companies lifecycle. What was once highly effective may now hold your company back, which means it’s branding needs to be updated to reach new target audiences. If you find yourself in this position, a brand audit may prove a worthwhile exercise.

5. Reflecting a change in the type of products

It could be that when starting out, your business offered a particular type of product or service and a brand was built around that, even its name might reflect this. But as your business grows, its product line and aspirations can grow too, which means its branding may need to be revisited to reflect these changes.

6. To differentiate a business from other competitors

Sometimes the branding of your business can look very similar to that of a close competitor, so your potential customers may struggle to tell the difference. A business may consider a rebranding project in order to reinforce individuality and communicate why it’s different from its competitors and gain a greater market share.

7. Technological advances

Advances in technology may mean that your business operates in a very different way when it first set out. For example, you may have become more of an online business, this can affect the brand and how it is perceived. You might want to consider animating your logo or simplifying it for use on your website designs and across social media.

8. Connecting with new audiences

Your product or services audience will change over time. A rebranding exercise can help you to reach out and connect with new customers. This might not mean a change of logo and creative, it might be more strategic, looking at your core values, messages and how you communicate.

9. Creative challenges

Slack recently rebranded due to their old logo causing issues when it was used across different media. This is a good example of a rebrand to make your branding more consistent and easy to use.

10. Boosting your bottom line

The key benefit of any rebranding project should be to boost your bottom line. Reviving a waining brand can have a huge benefit to your profit. The amount of difference you want to create should also be considered in the budget you have for the project.

If any of the above sound familiar then you might want to consider a rebrand. If so, there are a few things that you should consider….

  • Why are you thinking about rebranding?
  • What scale of rebranding are you considering?
  • What changes (if any) have happened at your business recently that may affect your rebranding?
  • Have you compiled any research? Looking at, your competitors, the market that your business operates in, target audiences and technological advances, all of which may affect your business now and in the future.

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